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Using OnLetterhead with Outlook 2003 - 2007
Before getting started with OnLetterhead, let's optimize your Outlook for use with OnLetterhead:

If you haven't yet downloaded the OnLetterhead program then please click here.

Outlook 2003:

1. Click on the Tools menu> click Options.
2. Click on the Mail Format tab.
3. Uncheck the two top check boxes referring to use Word as an e-mail editor.
4. Click the button below that is labeled Internet Format.
5. Uncheck the top and bottom boxes here.
6. Click OK
7. Click the Security tab at the top.
8. In the Download Pictures section, click the long narrow button labeled Change Automatic Download Settings.
9. Uncheck the top and bottom boxes within this window.
10. Click OK, click Apply, click OK.

Outlook 2007:

1. Click on the Tools menu, Click Options
2. Click on the Mail Format Tab
3. Click on Internet Format Button
4. Select from the drop down menu
"Send using Outlook Rich Text Format"
5. Click OK, Click Apply, Click OK
6. Click again on the Tools menu
7. Click on Trust Center. . .
8. Select Automatic Download
9. Uncheck the box that says:
Don't Download Pictures Automatically in HTML e-mail
Messages or RSS Items

10. Click OK

Lets get started sending your first branded email.
Click the OnLetterhead button at the top of your Outlook:

OnLetterhead Button

Choose Login
Type your OnLetterhead user name and password.
Click Login
Once you are logged in, choose your design from the Designs drop-down menu:

Designs Button

Now, click the OnLetterhead New button:

OnLetterhead New

Your branded email will pop up in a compose window. Simply type your email as you typically would any other email and click send.