OnLetterhead for Web Browsers

These instructions are for using OnLetterhead with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ and Google Chrome.(Currently Google Chrome doesn't support the OnLetterhead add-in. It still works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. 6/19/14) If you've not downloaded OnLetterhead then please do so by clicking the button on the right. Please note: OnLetterhead does not work with Internet Explorer 8. You'll need to use the Mozilla Firefox browser with OnLetterhead.

Not sure what you have? Don't panic. Click here to find out.

If you've previously installed OnLetterhead for Firefox, you'll want to remove it to use this version of OnLetterhead.
Click here for instructions on uninstalling the OnLetterhead toolbar for Firefox.

OnLetterhead for web browsers works with Office 365, AOL Webmail, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. OnLetterhead for web browsers doesn't work with any other email services.

In this tutorial we'll be using the popular Gmail web-based email service with Firefox, but the instructions will work for the browser you're using.

Using OnLetterhead for Web Browsers

Open Firefox and go to your email site as usual. In this case we're using Gmail. Notice, you won't see the familier OnLetterhead toolbar. The OnLetterhead toolbar only displays when you're on a supported email page.


Login with your OnLetterhead username and password. If you're not sure of your username then please email with your name and email address to retreive your OnLetterhead username.


Once you're logged in you'll have the OnLetterhead toolbar. You can get started quickly by selecting your design and clicking the Compose/New/Email button in your email service and then clicking the Brand It button.


Brand It

Your email template may take a few moments to load the first time, but the next time it will be much faster. Type your email and click send! That's all there is to it to send a branded email.

Making changes in the OnLetterhead Command Center

There's a lot that you can customize in your templates. Your name, addresses, websites, photos, text, links.. So many things can be customized. Click the Settings button to get started.


Here you'll see the OnLetterhead Command Center.


Edit Information On Templates

In this section you can manage your openings, closings, date format, and your general contact information. Simply click on each section to edit the information.

Manage/Upload Images


You can import images that will display on your template. Please note, not all templates will have a space for images to appear. If you've purchased a custom design with a dynamic image then your images can be imported here. If you're not sure, just contact us at the number below for further instructions.

Click the Upload New Image button and choose the image type for your image. In this case we're adding an image to the personal photo image type.


You can drag the little square boxes around the image to crop the image. Click the button to activate the image.

You can import multiple images into the same image type but only one can be active at a time. This is handy if you're planning on featuring a different image per day, week or month. Simply select the image you want to have displayed and click the button to activate it. Remember to click Save Image to save your changes.

Once your image has been saved, you can view it from the My Images section.

You can choose to have a website link attached to your image, so when someone clicks your image it will take them to a website or email address. Simply choose either website or email next to Link Type and type or paste your link in the box below. Click the Apply button to apply your changes.

These same steps work with uploading your logo.

Edit Links/Buttons on Templates


If your template is equipped with dynamic buttons that link to your website, you're able to edit them here. Simply choose the button name and type or paste the appropriate website address in the URL box. Click Save to save your changes.

In this case, there's a few templates in the Southwest Real Estate series with a link for "Visit our Website." You can choose to enter one address for all the templates in the series, or enter a specific address for each design in the series.

apply link

buttons and links

You can click the individual template names to modify the links for each template.

Edit Text Areas on Templates

Edit text areas

Some templates have a placeholder for dynamic text. If your template has a dynamic text area, you can edit that text here. Simply choose the design and type the text into the appropriate text area. Click Save to save your changes.

You may need to move the verticle line to the right to be able to read all the text in the columns on the left. Simply place your mouse on the verticle line and click and drag to the right to reveal all the named text areas. The blue arrow below indicates the verticle line to click and drag to the right.

Text area done



You can add a stylish signature to your templates. You can choose from our pre-defined fonts or upload your own signature file. Click Preview to see your signature in the selcted font. Click Save to save your changes.

Bringing it all Together

Click the My Templates button to see and modify your template(s) in one screen.


Here you'll get a preview of your design as it will appear to a recipient. The buttons will be inactive as it's just a preview, but you can just create a new email and send it to yourself for testing before sending it out to friends, family,
co-workers and clients.

My Account

account info

In the My Account section you can edit your account information. Please note, this information does not display on your OnLetterhead designs. The information in the My Account section is just the information that is with your OnLetterhead account.

You can change your password from the Change My Password section by entering your old pasword and providing a new one.

Manage My Licenses

If your account has muliple licenses to delegate, you'll be able to make those changes here.

Manage Subusers


You can view, edit, delete and add your subusers here. If you have an available license to delegate, then click on your name and click Create User.


Keep in mind that you're adding a user to all of OnLetterhead. So if you choose a user name such as 'JSmith' it might already be taken. If so, you'll be given a chance to choose a diffent username. Once you click Save then your new user will get an email with instructions to download OnLetterhead and to create their password and activate their account. For security purposes, you'll need to provide your new user the username you selected for them.

Manage Template Permission

If you wanted to assign a template to a user, or a group of users, you can do so with this feature. Simply create a new permission, give it a name and description, then select which template is to be included in the permission.

template permission

Click save to save your changes. You can then assign your template permission to your user(s) by going back to Manage Subusers, choosing a user and clicking Edit User. Assign the template permission and click Save.

Reassign Users

If you have multiple users and you want to have a user to be in charge of other users, you can do so here. Just drag and drop the users under the user you want to be in charge of the other users.


In this case, OLDemo is the master account holder, and OLHDemo3 is the parent of OLHDemo2. This means OLHDemo3 can delete or edit the OLHDemo2 account.